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Employee Assistance Program of Louisiana, Inc.
Confidential - Professional 24-Hour On Call Service

(504) 244-9898 or 1-800-749-3277

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

Very simply, it is just what it sounds like - assistance to employees. This program provides free, confidential, professional assistance to help employees and their families resolve problems that affect their personal lives ar job performance. Besides being confidential, the program is voluntary--it is designed to allow the employee or family to seek help on their own.

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How does the Employee Assistance Program work?

It is an employer-sponsored program. The employer retains the services of a qualified counseling resource that specializes in the assessment of personal problems. Here's how the program works:

The request for help may be made by the employee or the family. Simply call your EAP at (504) 244-9898 or 1-800-749-3277 and an appointment will be arranged. CONFIDENTIALITY IS ASSURED. The discussion of the problem is strictly between you and the counselor. Neither your employer nor your coworkers will have any knowledge of your request for help. If the need is indicated, the counselor may encourage other members of your family to participate in the program.

Your supervisor may encourage the use of the Employee Assistance Program when a performance problem occurs in order to determine if personal problems may be interfering with the job.

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Why is a program like this needed?

Progressive organizations are providing Employee Assistance Programs to their employees because it's good business and because they care about their employees.

Each of us, regardless of our position in the organization, face a variety of problems in our daily lives. Usually, we can work them out.

Sometimes our problems become too much for us to handle and they affect our personal happiness, our family relations, our performance at work, and even our health. When this occurs, we often need professional help in resolving them. Without proper attention, these problems usually become worse and the consequences are often unpleasant and expensive.

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What types of problems will the Employee Assistance Program deal with?

The program deals with human problems - the kinds that affect an employee's personal well-being and their ability to perform on the job. These problems may include marital difficulties, or problems caused by alcohol or drug abuse. But it doesn't have to be a serious problem to call your EAP. If it's a concern for you, it is a concern for us.

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But aren't those private problems?

Certainly these are personal problems, that is, until they begin to have an effect on the employee's performance on the job. Many times these problems begin to affect the morale of fellow workers and the overall effectiveness of the organization. The intent of the Employee Assistance Program is to prevent that from happening. It's an offer of a helping hand--not an attempt to pry or punish. The program is strictly confidential and voluntary. The employer sponsors the Employee Assistance Program but does not get involved in the counseling process.

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What about family problems?

Yes! Since an employee's personal well-being and work performance can be affected by the problems of a spouse or a dependent, this program is also made available to the family. Hopefully, family problems can be corrected before they affect the employee's performance at work.

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Who will pay for the cost of the counseling or other professional services that might be necessary?

The initial problem assessment and counseling services are free to the employee and their family members. If further assistance is necessary, the employee's regular health insurance benefits may be used. If services that are not covered by the insurance are desired, the counselor will try to help the employee minimize the cost by making referrals to the most appropriate agency. These costs will be the employee's responsibility, but many times services are available which are based on the individual's ability to pay. When applicable, sick leave, vacation time, or unpaid leave may be considered.

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Does this mean that our organization has an unusual number of employees with problems?

Not at all! It simply means that your organization cares about its employees. The organization is more than buildings and equipment. When an employee has problems, it is simply good business for the employer to offer help in resolving them as early as possible.

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What about work related problems?

EAP deals only with personal problems which may effect work performance without interfering in your organization's existing policies and disciplinary procedures.

If the program is entirely confidential, how will the success of the program be evaluated? Periodic reports will be given to the employer on the number of employees using the program. No names or other identifying information will be included in this employer report. If an employee wants the employer notified of their progress in resolving problems, or if special considerations need to be made that affect work, this can be worked out with the counselor.

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